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Redbird Photo Gallery

We are proud to present a selection of photography from our wanderings throughout the Mid-South and Southeast USA. We hope you will enjoy browsing our website where we endeavor to:

"Capture the light and colors of creation to delight and inspire."

You can contact us with your order. We are happy to customize image sizes to your specification.

Berry College Mill

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Babcock II

Architectural Images


Best of the Beach

Shady Escape



Nature's Bouquets

Whitewater, NC


tin man



Unfortunately, due to an injury to Joyce's back and the strain of setting up and tearing down, we are no longer able to participate in outdoor art shows.  However, we will be happy to provide you with the same high quality artwork, sized to your specifications and shipped directly from our studio. Please check out the Gallery above and call us with your selection.  We look forward to hearing from you!!    

About the Artists

Ever since we were young, we’ve spent a lot of free time in the woods, fishing, climbing mountains, camping or just walking trails. This has been the impetus in our photography since starting Redbird Photo Gallery in 2004. Because light changes so rapidly, our work is not so much about the camera as it is about nature. Our goal is to present God’s creation as art. Each image reflects exactly what we saw at the time that made us stop and take notice of a particular scene. We do not enhance or alter an image except as needed to present it the way it appeared in real life. That way, you could stand in the same spot and instantly recognize it from the photograph. Many clients have happily reported back after visiting some of the same places. When we find an area that has natural beauty, we often revisit that area in different seasons in order to capture the same image. This enables you to choose your favorite time of year or to create a grouping. We are also available for commission assignments.

About Our Work

Each image is printed on high-quality photographic paper with archival inks and mounted on foam core board to prevent any warping that could come from moisture. This makes the art work suitable for any area of your home, even kitchens and baths. All products, including the foam core board, matting, artist tape, and even the pen used to sign and number each piece, are acid-free. Using acid-free products allows the colors to stay true and prevents acid from leaching into the image, which could turn it brown over time. All images are signed and numbered in limited editions and available in three sizes matted to 14x18, 20x24 and 24x34. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Quality, solid wood frames are used to further enhance the work. We carry additional frames with us, which allows us to change out a frame at the art show in order to complement your décor. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

Mike and Joyce Carley, Photographers


Thanks for stopping by our website. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mike (386) 216-3361
Joyce (386) 216-3794

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